“My thanks to Dianne and Al for helping me identify my fears and feelings of guilt which were a cause of my anxiety about having relationships and finding love again after my husband died.  They were wonderful in guiding me on how to take the steps needed in moving forward and know that it was ok to have a relationship to find love again.

I also met with Al individually for grief counseling. I was able to connect with Al because he shared with me his journey of working through his grief and allowing himself to find love again after his first wife died. Thank you Al for opening yourself to me. That helped me immensely.

I found both Al and Dianne to be excellent listeners, very personable, and very empathetic to my feelings and situation.”

Elizabeth G.

“I was fortunate to work with Al when I was going through a very difficult time in
my life. Al was a great listener and very understanding and nonjudgmental
judgmental. Now I am feeling much more hopeful and have more confidence in
myself. Everything is within my reach, even a relationship!”

Ron K.

“Dianne facilitated a workshop earlier this summer that I participated in. One of the exercises she led us through was so powerful that I had a major breakdown, which turned right into a major breakthrough. I have experienced many personal development workshops, not to mention various therapists, and never have I had such an experience as I had in her workshop. I was able to release pain that I held in for over 40 years and my soul finally felt free.  I also found Dianne very approachable and I felt that she genuinely cared about me. And after all, isn’t that all we all want, to know we matter?”

Debi G.

“Dianne and Al were exactly who I needed to help me move on from a hurtful divorce and claim love again!  They created a safe space to explore my blocks, and their extensive knowledge and techniques for healing made all the difference.

In addition to my work with both Al and Dianne, I was fortunate to have Dianne lead me through some deep processes that helped me to heal my relationship wounds.  Dianne also helped me renew my faith in my ability to have a fulfilling new relationship, and she taught me valuable skills to keep a new relationship alive with fun, kindness, passion, meaning, and much more!

I highly recommend Al and Dianne as experts in helping singles and couples enjoy amazing love relationships.  Thank you Al and Dianne!”

Mark S.

“We loved working with Al. He asked hard questions but was not judgmental. He provided a comfortable and safe space to work through our issues in a constructive way.”

Margaret and Frank M.

“There’s something special about her.  Dr. Dianne Frost is not only a beautiful person, she is also a magician who sprinkles magic in every direction as she sifts through your story to connect the dots and make it clear for YOU why, what, and how. Her very welcoming, warm voice and her wisdom backed up with undisputed professionalism instantly bring down all the shields of emotional defense and create a safe loving space where you can’t help but create an internal shift under her gentle guidance.  More importantly, this shift internalizes almost instantly. I feel such enormous relief and liberation in my self-image and self-perception that my friends who have known me for years notice a completely new wave of vital energy around.  And that is only after 4 sessions?! I can’t wait to see what is coming next!  To have Dr. Dianne Frost in my life is a true blessing.”

Zhanna S.