Dr. Dianne Frost is a transformational leader who helps age 50 plus couples and singles to live their finest dreams in love and relationships. While following her passion, Dr. Frost earned her Ph.D. in Depth Psychology, M.Ed. in Counseling, and Certification as a Facilitator of The Gottman Seven Principles Program, a scientifically proven relationship program. Additionally, she trained with Debbie Ford to become an Integrative Coach Professional and has supported numerous clients in integrating aspects of their shadows so they can live more conscious lives.   Dr. Frost is a Hypnotherapist and a Practitioner of Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT), as well. She also integrates Dream-work and Voice Dialogue into her practice with clients. Most importantly, Dr. Dianne Frost is a heart-centered advocate of people and consciousness, and her greatest joy is helping people live brilliant, loving lives!  Fortunately, her beloved, Al Mayer, combines his expertise with Dr. Dianne’s expertise, and together they are an unstoppable love team ready to support others in thriving in their relationships!

Al Mayer is a transformational leader who helps age 50 plus couples and singles to find and create real, deep, abiding love.  His 35 years experience as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker provided him with rich experience counseling individuals, couples, and groups.  He specialized in Bereavement Counseling, Marriage and Family Counseling, and Individual Psychotherapy.  He pursued this profession because of his passion for helping people thrive in their relationships.  During his counseling experiences, he developed keen insight and compassion into issues of the heart.   He brings those years of experience to his work now with his beloved, Dr. Dianne Frost.  Together they are a love team with personal and professional understanding of how to achieve real love.  It is their great pleasure to mentor others along the path to real love.